PESA Project- Progression of early subclinical atherosclerosis

MICINN, ISCIII, CNIC, Fundación PROCNIC, Santander MICINN ISCIII CNIC Fundación PROCNIC Santander Proyecto PESA - Progression of early subclinical atherosclerosis


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What is PESA?

The PESA CNIC-Santander trial will collate information about classical risk factors from the analytical data obtained during the annual medical check-ups conducted by the Medical Services department at Banco Santander. Study participants will also undergo imaging analysis to detect the presence of subclinical atherosclerosis. The imaging techniques used include ultrasound, computed axial tomography (CAT), and hybrid technology combining magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET). In this way, without incurring additional risk to participants, the annual medical check-up will be complemented by data about the state of health of participants’ heart and arteries.

For this complex study, recruiting such a large cohort was necessarily a gradual process. Nonetheless, by February 2014, 4184 participants had enrolled. The tests will be repeated on the same participants three and six years after their inclusion in the study. These repeat tests will be fundamental for detecting the appearance or progression of the disease.

Participation in the study is voluntary, and before consent was sought there was a consultation process during which candidates were provided with comprehensive personalized information about the study tests and had the opportunity to raise any questions or issues.

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