PESA Project- Progression of early subclinical atherosclerosis

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Origin of the study

New imaging techniques and laboratory tests introduced in recent years allow the detection of arterial lesions before they cause irreversible damage. This is the inspiration driving the PESA CNIC-Santander study (Progression of Early Subclinical Atherosclerosis). This project, which began in spring- summer 2010, aims to advance knowledge on the progression of subclinical cardiovascular disease—disease that has yet to produce symptoms—in order to improve the prevention of what continues to be the principal cause of death in Spain and worldwide, and which is associated with an enormous personal and economic cost. (1)

The study is aimed at detecting the presence of atherosclerotic disease in its earliest phases and at analyzing its development. More than 4000 volunteers from the Banco Santander staff have been recruited to the study. Participants are aged between 40 and 54 years at the outset of the study, and have no past diagnosis of cardiovascular illness (angina, myocardial infarction or stroke). Participants will be monitored over a six year period, and the study will last a total of nine years, since recruitment of volunteers took three years. During the study period, participants undergo a battery of tests and evaluations on three occasions: on entering the study, and on three- and six-year follow-up visits.

PESA CNIC-Santander is part of a series of large international studies, including the High Risk Plaque (HRP) study (2) and the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) (3), both carried out in the USA, that aim to improve the capability to diagnose and prevent CV disease.

Figure 1

(1) Promoting Cardiovascular Health in the Developing World:A Critical Challenge to Achieve Global Health

(3) Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis


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