PESA Project- Progression of early subclinical atherosclerosis

MICINN, ISCIII, CNIC, Fundación PROCNIC, Santander MICINN ISCIII CNIC Fundación PROCNIC Santander Proyecto PESA - Progression of early subclinical atherosclerosis


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Guarantees and confidentiality

The PESA CNIC-Santander study has undergone scientific review and has been approved by the Comité de Ética de la Investigación y Bienestar Animal del Instituto Carlos III (Carlos III Institute of Health Ethics and Animal Welfare Committee), according to law 14/2007 of July 3, concerning biomedical research. An ethics committee is a group composed of medical and nonmedical members whose function is to protect the interests of the people who participate in clinical trials.

Studies conducted with human subjects or medical samples are strictly regulated by Spanish law. The treatment, communication and transfer of all participant data obtained in the study conforms to the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, concerning the protection of personal data.

All data (including personal data on participants such as first name, family name, ID number, date of birth, etc.) collected during the study will be deposited in a dissociated database. This means that personal information and clinical data are located in different supports, and are unconnected and coded to make it impossible for them to be read together. Only restricted CNIC staff have access to this personal information, always complying with the provisions of applicable law.

Under the law, anyone enrolled in the study can withdraw their consent at any time without the need to provide any explanation. Samples from anyone who does withdraw from the study could be destroyed.

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